Updated 3 May 2015

Titles achieved by our dogs

In connection with Kennel Hazinas' 10-year jubilee in 2011, we made the list below showing various show titles acheived by all our our dogs. This list is being updated continuously.

Top of the list you will find Tiwa, Hazinas' first breeding female, and below her are listed her children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren.

Kijasaman Gukatiwa of Djungelkatten



DKCH (Danish Champion)

Best Junior Female 1999
Best Female 2000
Best Open Female 2000
Best Open Female 2002

Quilified for Crufts in Herning 2001

Tiwa Ballerup 2003 Tiwa

Hazinas 1st Hadhari


DKCH (Danish Champion)

Best Open Male 2005

Hadhari 2010 Hadhari

Hazinas 2nd Izibu


DKCH (Danish Champion)
KBHV07 (Copenhagen Winner 2007)
LUVCH (Luxembourg Veteran Champion)

DEVDHVCH (German Veteran Champion)
KLBCH (Danish Club Champion)
RALLY-B (Rally Novice Title)
(Danish Veteran Winner 2012)
KTH-B ("Drivers Licence for Dog" - Bronze)
KTH-S ("Drivers Licence for Dog" - Silver)
KTH-G ("Drivers Licence for Dog" - Gold)

Best Open Female 2004
Best Open Female
Best Brace 2005 (with Montie)
Best Female (BOS) 2006
Best Champion Female 2006
Best Champion Female 2008
Best Champion Female 2009
Best Veteran Female 2011
Best Veteran Female 2012
Best Veteran Female 2013

Zibu WDS 2010 Zibu Zibu
Zibu Zibu

Hazinas 2nd Funa
Best Brace 2005
with Zibu)
Zibu og Montie Nyborg 2005 Montie

Hazinas 4th Ajabu


DKCH (Danish Champion)
KLBCH (Club Champion)

Best Intermediate Male 2009

Quilified for Crufts in Hillerød 2008
3rd Best Intermediate Male at Crufts 2009

Gaius Cruft 3.vinder Intermediat Han Gaius

Hazinas 4th Tafika

DKCH (Danish Champion)
KBHV07 (Copenhagen Winner 2011)

Best Baby/Puppy Female 2008
Best Junior Female 2009
Best Intermediate Female 2009
Best Female (BOS) 2009

Fika 2009 Fika
Hazinas 5th Abuya

DKCH (Danish Champion)
(Swedish Champion)

DKV13 (Danish Winner 2013)
INTCH (International Champion) NEW

Best Intermediate Male 2012
Best Open Male 2013
Ridgeback of the year 2014 NEW
Best Champion Male 2014 NEW

Show of Winners 2014: Semifinal

Fika 2009 Abuya

Hazinas 5th Thabo

DKCH (Danish Champion)

Best Baby/Puppy Male 2011
Best Junior Male 2012

Fika 2009 Kenzo Kenzo

Hazinas 6th Funanyo Barongo By U

DEVDHJCH (Tysk Junior Champion)
DEJCH (Tysk Klub Junior Champion)
DEVDHCH (Tysk Champion)
DECH (Tysk Klub Champion)

Jugendsieger Ostthuringen
Jugendsieger Gera

Hazinas 6th Fulani Ajabu By U "Ajabu"

DKCH (Danish Champion)

Best Ridge in Råå, SE, 2013
Best Ridge at Danish Speciality 2013


Hazinas 6th Funanya By U "Naya" Best Baby/Puppy Female 2013 Naya Naya

Kennel Hazinas

- Breeder of the year (BOS) and
- Breeders Group of the year

Breeder of the year (BOB) 2014 (Abuya)

Breeder of the year (BOS) 2000 (Tiwa)
Breeder of the year (BOS) 2006 (Zibu)
Breeder of the year (BOS) 2009 (Fika)

Breeders Group of the year 2009
Breeders Group of the year 2010
Breeders Group of the year 2011
Breeders Group of the year 2012
Breeders Group of the year 2013
Breeders Group of the year 2014

Tiwa ballerup 2002 Zibu Rønne Fika Varde

Opdræt BIS4 Broendby 2009
Opdræt 2010 Opdræt Hillerød
Opdræt Opdræt 2010Opdræt fredericia

Kennel Hazinas

- Best Progeny

DKCH Kijasaman Gukatiwa of Djungelkatten, 2003

From the left:
Tsavo, Montie, Tiwa, Hadhari and Zibu

Årets Avlsklasse 2003

Best Ridge

Hazinas has 3 years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014) won the title "Best Ridge" at the Danish RR Club's yearly Speciality Show.

We have also won this title twice in Sweden in the samme periode AND in 2014 we took both 2nd and 3rd place!

Hazinas 4th Ajabu "Gaius":
- Club Show in Råå, Sweden, 2012
- Club Speciality in Denmark 2012

Hazinas 6th Fulani Ajabu By U "Ajabu":
- Club Speciality in Sweden 2013
- Club Speciality in Denmark 2014

Hazinas 6th Fanela By U "Cita":
- Club Speciality in Denmark 2013