28 January 2019
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We proudly present our next litter :

Here you can se the PEDGREE of the litter.

Data and health:

(Saimon's Praide Hypnotic)

DKJUCH (Danish Junior Champion)
DKJW17 (Danish Junior Winner 2017)
(Candidate for DKCH and SECH)

Club Titles:
Best Baby/Puppy Male of the Year 2017/18
Best Junior Male of the Year 2017/18
Best Intermediate Male of the Year 2017/18

Other achievements:
Hanzeshow (NL) 2018: 2 x BOB and 1 x BIG.
Szczecin (PL) 2018: BOB + BIG.
WDS18: Intermediate Class Winner (1/11).

Health tests and screenings:
ED: 0/0

DM: N/N (free) (by parantage)
JME: N/N (free)

(Ni'Akoya Kougar Fascination)

DKCH (Danish Champion)
DKKLBCH (Danish Club Champion)

Club titles:
Best Open Female of the Year 2017/18
Forth placement in the competition Best Female of the Year 2017/18

Other Achievements:
CAC Hattrick - 3 CACs on 3 shows in a road.

Health tests and screenings:
ED: 0/0
OCD: Free

DM: N/N (free)
JME: N/N (free)
B-lokus: B/b (by parentage)
Ridge: R/r

Mental test completed through the Danish Kennel Klub.

About Castor:

Castor was born in Russia at the succesful kennel Saimon's Praide. When he was 15 weeks old he left his dogmummy and siblings to travel to Denmark to Caroline Larsen, the owner of Kennel Zindika.

Castor lives today with Caroline and 5 other Ridgebacks in different ages - from 15 month old "Ace" to 12 years old "My", Caroline's first Ridgeback. A really lovely pack.

Castor is a very well-balanced, friendly and loving Ridgeback. He is harmonic and has a lovely expression. He is exeptionally willing to work which is something we value here at Hazinas. Caroline uses him as demo dog when she demonstrates exercixes to the course participants in her business "Showdog-Handling by CL".

Caroline herself sais about Castor: "My soulmate, my pride, my joy, my protector and my best friend, who never lets me down, you have it all."

Castor's father is the handsome Swedish Chase (multichampion Ohgami Loves Breaking News) and Castor's grandfather is the beatiful Cubo (International champion Myollnir Kyala). But in both Castor's and Xola's pedigree we find many lovely and exciting dogs, which we belived still leaves a foot print in their ofspring of today.

Castor is 1/8 Russian. The other 7/8 are mainly Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, South African and Australian Ridgebacks, but a lot of other countries are represented as well - a very exiting pedigree.

We believe that Castor and Xola will give us some sound and healthy puppies with a very good nature and that they will be true to the South African type. We also believe that they will be harmonic and well-balanced.

A little show nerd info!
Castor is not only a lovely family dog. He is also a fantastic handsome breed representative.

Julie and I have followed Castor in the show ring since Caroline entered him for the first time in baby class. He has done a wonderful job and we think he fully deserves all the many top placements he has achieved.

His show history includes 21 entries since he moved up into Junior Class and he has been placed 14 times in Best Male 1-4. He very quickly got the three Danish Junior CAC's and became Danish Junior Champion. And his winnings continued after moving up again to Intermediate class. In total he has been placed as BOB (Best Of Breed) 6 times before reaching the age of 2 years, a very outstanding achievement. And now he has the astonnishing number of 10 Danish Champion CAC's. But only 3 is necessary to become Danish Champion, however, the last one must be gained after turning 2 years. Castor is 2 years old now, so we believe he will get the last CAC very soon.

About Xola:

On December 27, 2014 Fika had her third and last litter - 11 wonderful puppies. The litter was named Kougar, and registered under the name of Kennel Ni'Akoya, as Julie at that time was a co-owner.

Due to certain circumstances Julie withdrew from the co-ownership and shortly after I invited Julie to become co-owner of Kennel Hazinas. We both value our previous team work with Fikas 2 earlier litters, where we supplemented each other really well. Fortunately Julie said yes. And as all info and photos for the Kougar litter had been errased on Kennel Ni-Akoya's homepage and the puppies and their owners no longer had any sense of belonging to a kennel, we moved the litter to Kennel Hazinas, and they now enjoy all the same benefits as Fikas two other litters.

We think Xola is very beautiful - she reminds us very much of her grandmother "Zibu" when she was young (Hazinas 2nd Izibu).

Xola is very happy to work. She is an active, attentive girl, who loves children and meets other dogs with joy. She lives with her litter brother "Kiburi", and they have so much fun together.

You can read much more about Xola and see photos on her own webpage (in Danish only at the time being).





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